Sunday, December 9, 2012

Week 9 (December 3, 2012)

Howdy ya'll! I am finally in Texas.

 And first thing, the weather here is sooooo much better than in Utah. It has been about 80 degrees here all week and I am loving it. :) Haha. So first things first. Last week on Thanksgiving, Elder Jeffery R. Holland came to the MTC and spoke to us for a Thanksgiving day Devotional. I loved listening to him speak. What an amazing man and apostle of the Lord. Then from Friday to Monday, everything was kinda a blur. I remember teaching a few times, packing, doing laundry and just getting ready to leave the MTC. I also found out that if I would've been in the MTC a week longer, Chase Holman and I would've been in the same Zone. So we would've seen a ton of each other! Just barely missed him. 

So Monday morning rolled around and we were so stoked to be finally leaving. We got up at 3:45 to get ready for the day and be at the travel office at 5. We loaded all of our suitcases and got on the bus and drove to Salt Lake City. It was so weird for me to be doing that cause I was passing all of these places that I knew, passed home, work, friends, family. I was within a mile of some of my friends and family as we drove. 

We got to the airport and I called home and got to talk to Dad, Josh and Ian at the SLC airport for a very long time. It was so fun to hear everyones voices and to be able to talk to them. Every time I think about that experience I think about families and what a blessing they are to us. Also what it must be like for a Father in Heaven to have his children gone and can't talk to them like we can when we are with our families. It makes me think of prayer and how important it is for all of us to pray and talk with our Heavenly Father. That would've been completely pointless if I called home and talked the whole time and didn't even get to hear their voices. We are fortunate enough to have the gift of the Holy Ghost so we can here the voice of our Heavenly Father through our thoughts and feelings. :) 

We flew to the Dallas/ Fort Worth airport and had a 1 hour layover there. I got to call Mom and talk to her for a little while and it was amazing. I realized that I kinda have to grow up but I am still a mommas boy. ;) 

We got into Lubbock and my first impression/thought of it was,"Wow, this is a LOT like Delta Utah. Haha. It was very small town, old houses and buildings, nice people. Just amazing. I kept thinking about how everyone said it would be so ugly. But I guess the Lord put me there for a reason and is helping me cause I think this is beautiful. It is Gods country out here. 

I met President and Sister Agustin at the airport. They are absolutely incredible. I cannot even begin to describe to you how much they feel like parents to me. It is incredibly weird (but in a good way). We loaded all of our stuff onto a trailer and got in the truck and they told us to get ready,"cause you're going to work". We were sooooooo STOKED!!! Our first hour in Lubbock and we got to go tracting. Apparently it was a new thing and they had never done it before. But we were so happy to be doing something that was "real" work that we hopped right on it and tackled a street and talked to everyone. We ended up placing 2 Book of Mormon's, Another Testiment of Jesus Chrst (we are told to call it by it's full name.), and set up appointments for the missionaries in the area to come back and teach the lessons. We got to speak Spanish to only one lady but that's okay. :) Then for the next two days we just did housekeeping training and work. 

Then on Wednesday I left to my first area and met my first companion. My companion's name is Elder Rockwood. He is from Enem Claw Washington (I guess he was in your stake Cadie and Bray?). He is a stud. He just barely got done training last transfer and now, he is training me. I have learned a ton from him. 

Area #1: Big Lake, Texas

My area is a brand new area. We re-opened it when we got here. It is in a tiny town called Big Lake Texas. If any of you have seen the movie "The Rookie" that will have sounded familiar to you. Our area is where that movie was filmed. So if you want to see what kind of country I am dealing with, go watch that movie. Haha. It is awesome though, there are about 2,931 people here. Very very tiny. It is one of those towns that if you blink, you missed it. Haha. Our first day here we got all unpacked, ate dinner and went tracting. our very last house of the night (after having no success in getting into a home) we knocked on a door and a family opened, let us in and listened to us. We'll call them the Martinez Family. It was awesome!! We taught the first part of the first lesson and asked if we could come back. They told us yes and wanted to learn more. So we are going back tonight to share a Christmas message and get to know them a little better. So we are going to do that tonight. On Friday we met our first preacher and he tried to Bible bash with us. I learned very very quickly, not to ever do that again. That was no fun. We are speaking some Spanish here. Most everyone speaks english but a few only speak spanish. Our branch president's english isn't too good so we have to speak spanish to him sometimes. In sacrament meeting there was only about 15 people. That was crazy! I have never experienced anything like it. It is so wonderful though. It was half Spanish and half english. They tried to get both of us to translate but we knew our volcabulary wasn't big enough. So we told them that we will try in a few weeks. But that is it! Crazy crazy week but I am here and loving it. The sky is huge, the people are absolutely incredible and I couldn't wish for anything better. Les amo. Have a great week!
1. MTC District
2. Leaving the MTC!
3. Landed in the Flat Zone
4. Welcome to Lubbock
5. Lubbock Temple
6. More of Nothing
7. Oil Pumps, Everywhere
8. Big Lake Water Tower
9. Tracting with Santa!
Elder KP

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