Friday, October 19, 2012

Week 3 (October 18, 2012)

Time flies on a mission! one more week and I will be out for 1 Month! The MTC is so great though, and the food (can't stop talking about the food) is the best thing in the world! I did lose a lot of weight though. Which to me is really backwards. When you eat 4-5 plates of food then sit for about 4 hours eat 4-5 more then sit then 4-5 more then sit you think I would be writing home for a bigger suit but nope! (sorry Kirsten)

This week has been amazing though. I have had so many opportunities to teach our investigators. On Thursday last week we were able to go on a temporary exchange with some Elders in our Zone to teach one of our investigators. I was assigned to teach with Elder Despain from Boise Idaho. He has been here for 6 weeks, so I was very anxious to learn something from him. It ended up being such a good lesson and we felt the spirit so strong, testifying of the things that we were teaching about. In the middle of the lesson the spirit took me away from the lesson for a second and bore a very strong witness to me of why I am here and how important the work I am doing really is. It was an amazing experience for me and a definite testimony builder of how the Lord works and the power of the Holy Ghost.

Throughout the week though, Elder Adamson and I have been doing what we call "Street Contacting" where we stop Elders in the MTC (or people at the temple on the day that we are there vitisitng) and we bear our testimonies to them in Spanish. It is fun and very powerful to be able to bear testimony with a surity in a language that is not yet my own. If you have the spirit with you and you just do as the Lord says and open your mouth, it really is filled.

We are still teaching the boy named Javier. It is really hard for 2 reasons. 1. he talkes so fast! (even faster than you Josh:) and we can barely understand him cause he slurs his words together. But we are still able to communicate with him. 2. He has no purpose, no desires, he is content with what he has and doesn't want any more than that. We have been really stretched on planning a lesson that will break through that barrier and help him out. I know that there is something. We just need to be faithful and trust that the Lord will provide a way. But it doesn't get any better than this. I love a good challenge.

So here is a funny experience. We were sitting outside on Saturday setting goals for our investigators and planning for them. While we were sitting there, we heard a roar of what seemed like 10,000 people from just a block away. In fact that is exactly what it was. BYU was playing I believe Oregon State (at least that was the rumor. No information really gets in here.) we couldn't plan anymore. Our minds were on the game and what could be happening. I have no idea how it ended but we all have our speculations here. Haha. Also another funny side note. The other night we were running back to the residency after gym, as I got close to the door I saw a big crowd of people bending over someone and someone started yelling for help. So I ran in to see what was happening and an Elder in my district had an inch long gash in his shin, all the way to the bone. He was running and jumped over one of the benches but didn't get high enough and smacked it on that and split it. It was pretty wide. So as best I could I ran and got my little tiny first aid kit (so weird not having my regular sized one) and controlled the bleeding and bandaged it up. By that time the MTC security people were there and they let me finish up. I knew he was going to need stitches cause it was wide open. So they took him to the hospital and that was that. It was kinda fun to do some work while on the mission. Never thought I would be doing that but hey, I was ready to go. Haha. I think I should be careful of my karma though, cause it usally isn't too nice back.

Thank you for the package as well Grandma! And to all of you that wrote me letters. I love hearing from you guys. It is so much fun to read what is happening in the life back home and how everyone is doing. The package was awesome. When I opened it up one of the Elders in our room said "wow. and I thought my family loved me" hahaha. So thank you guys. I got a letter from Branson's family with some pictures of their family. So good to see those faces again. Then I got a letter from the ward and it sounds like everything is great there. Thank you dad for your card and it's contents. Would you send a picture of our whole family? I miss seeing your faces.

I love all of you and hope to talk to you all soon!

Elder KP

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