Thursday, September 27, 2012

Into the field that is white...!!!

Jacob arrived at the Missionary Training Center just after 1:00pm yesterday, September 26, 2012.  The truck ride to the MTC was calm and peaceful and a great outpouring of the Spirit was felt.  Jacob was a little quieter than usual.  He asked me at one point if there was a medical term for "butterflies in the stomach."  That was all that he needed to say to let me know how he was feeling.

I think that the impact of being a missionary had already hit him though after being set-apart on Tuesday night.  Although the blessing he received through President Gottfredson rivaled anything I have ever experienced, I saw that reality had truly set in when I looked into Jacob's eyes as he surrendered his cell phone later that night. 

The Farewell - 9 Sept 2012

Though a little nervous this morning, Jacob arose early bearing that confident mantle that seems to overcome him every time he is about to do something remarkable.

He and his dad journeyed very early to LuDean Barnes' house to haul the unbelievable amount of food she had prepared for the luncheon. Between being blessed by LuDean as party planner and the beautiful setting of Bill & Margo's "secret garden", sprinkled with additional "tasty creations" from Grandma Kirk, Aunt Wendi, Aunt Margo, Polly Spencer, Derrilee Thomas and others . . . surely there has never been a mission luncheon of such beauty and magnitude!

Jacob's talk in sacrament meeting was truly after the manner by which he does everything. . . with all his heart.  I overheard someone saying, "When you see the Bishop and the Stake President wiping their eyes, you know it's a good talk."

There are many more photos taken that day, but they will wait for another time, so please check back!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012