Monday, July 30, 2012

The Digital Plates of Jacob Begin...

In an era forseen by the prophets of old . . . record keeping makes a giant leap from 'pen and ink' to 'electrons and words that begin with a lowercase "i".'  (How many times do you think Isaiah said to himself, "What the heck?")

Thus begins the iChronicles of all things related to the service of Jacob Kirkpatrick in the Texas Lubbock Mission (Spanish speaking) [2012-2014].

**For the convenience of the reader, the following posts will be translated into English.

iJacob, having been born in 1993 (. . .always wanted to write this somewhere).

Texas...the final frontier. These are the posts of the missionary 'KP'.

His mission:
. . . to seek out new converts and new congregations,
. . . to lead them into the waters of baptism,
. . . to boldly go where no Elder has gone before...

da ta da ta da ta da taaaaa! Ta da tada da ta da ta da ta data!

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